Peacebuilding a shared Northern Irish society • Editor & Photographer • Co-founder & Editor @SharedFuture • Co-founder & Board Member @FactCheckNI • Board Member @BelfastExposed • Treasurer @NUJBelfast • Musings @MrUlster
Hollie Ennis is a postgraduate student at University College Dublin, for an MA degree in Peace and Conflict Studies. At Queen’s University Belfast, she earned a BA degree in International Relations and History. Hollie’s professional experience includes running workshops on female health and promoting the education of young women and girls.
Julia PAUL is co-founder of Shared Future News. She is an award-winning, creative and resourceful, PhD qualified journalist and media consultant with a progressive career spanning more then 20 years within the broadcasting, overseas development, and education sectors. She has specialist expertise in reporting on conflict and divided communities, and in training journalists in countries emerging from conflict. She is an experienced media analyst who has lectured at a Russell Group university, and presented her research at international conferences and contributed to Ofcom public events.
Kellie BANCALARI is a postgraduate student at Trinity College Dublin, for an MPhil degree in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation. At George Washington University, she earned a BA degree in International Affairs. Kellie’s professional experience includes journalism, interviewing, writing, publishing, and producing multimedia documentaries.
Madison POULTER earned an MPhil degree, with distinction, in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation, at Trinity College Dublin. Her thesis focused on the power of comedic stories in post-conflict/transitional societies in creating a space for reimagining the past. She specifically examined the popular show "Derry Girls" in the context of Northern Ireland and community relations.
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Naomi HIGGINS is a postgraduate student at Trinity College Dublin, for an MPhil degree in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation. At State University of New York at Cortland, she earned a BS degree in International Studies. Naomi’s professional experience includes press briefings, promotional content creation, data visualisation, and social media management.
The Northern Ireland Mixed Marriage Association (NIMMA) provides support and information to couples either in or contemplating mixed marriage. NIMMA lobbies for the acceptance of mixed marriage, increased integrated education, and wider availability of shared social housing.