Northern Peacebuilders — Catherine CREED

Northern Peacebuilders — Catherine CREED (CRIS)
by Daniel BENNETT
27 June 2017

Shared Future News volunteer Daniel BENNETT interviewed Catherine CREED, an Advocacy and Training Coordinator at Community Relations in Schools (CRIS). She described the work of the education and peacebuilding organisation, working increasingly with school leaders to increase their capacity of developing community relations in their educational environments.

This includes CRIS support for the Diversity and Mutual Understanding programme shared between Stranmillis and St Mary’s training colleges, which includes cross-community encounters among the trainee teachers.

Creed described CRIS’s genuine commitment to the values of a shared future, by working with families, schools, and communities.

She discussed forthcoming programme work, including strengthening existing long-term school partnerships; learning and advancing their “Buddy Up!” programme with pupils, school staff, and parents; maximising the work of school leaders; running family community relations residentials; and delivering their anti-hate “Unity” project.

This episode is part of our series on Northern Peacebuilders — interviews with individuals whose work and efforts contribute to better community relations in Northern Ireland.

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