SFN 004 – Kelly MORRIS

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Podcast: Kelly MORRIS
by Raquel GOMEZ
13 June 2018

Shared Future News reporter Raquel GOMEZ interviewed Kelly MORRIS, a freelance photographer who has worked with numerous communities in Northern Ireland over the past 20 years.

Morris uses photography as a tool to empower people. For her, photography can bring love, compassion, inspiration, and healing to people. People tell their own stories and talk through art.

For Morris, exclusion, mental health issues, and the division through the ‘peace walls’ are some of the challenges that remain from the Good Friday Agreement. She would like to see people giving time to the community, helping others to look at the things that unite us rather than separate us.

“There is so beauty here. There is so much to celebrate here. It’s never too late to make peace.”


Photo source: Belfast Media Group

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