Siblings: Erik Ehn at ICAN conference

Siblings: Erik Ehn at ICAN conference
by Andrea VALEIRAS for Shared Future News
25 October 2010

“Theatre and peace are siblings. We can’t have one without help the other”. With these words, Erik Ehn explains why the performance arts can help the reconciliation process and overcome the conflict.

Theatre can be an important tool for social change and development. Through performance, people can express what they feel and they can explore another point of view, to try to better understand another’s situation.

Those that have not experience the conflict directly don’t know what really happened. But by playing out roles, those affected can start the process of understanding and respect. Forgiveness may follow, or at least learning the right lessons from the conflict, so as not to repeat the pain and the horror in the future.

The magic of theatre, storytelling and playing the roles of other people can help the citizens to built their new history — together.

May peace process be found on stages and not in politician’s offices or military encampments.

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