Who Am I? Meet PSNI Superintendent Muir Clark

Who Am I? Meet PSNI Superintendent Muir Clark
by Krisztina NAGY for Shared Future News
28 September 2015

When Kathy Wolff from the Community Relations Forum opened the session, she said that often we don’t really see further than the title of a person.

This is why it was interesting to meet Muir Clark, District Commander of Antrim & Newtownabbey who gave a genuine insight into the man behind the badge.

Mr Clark spoke about his family background, being an only child of elderly parents, and growing up in Larne. He talked about his various roles in the army and the police, and his better and worse days as a PSNI officer.

After that, he told the audience about his biggest achievements during his service.

One is that he managed to make this part of the world not use the world ‘accident’. The logic behind his refusal of this word is that he believes nothing happens accidentally, but that there are always choices, e.g. using or not using a phone while driving. Therefore everyone has to make the right choices.

As another achievement he mentioned was earning the trust of citizens. He said, “It’s very easy to police a community but that is not enough; one has to make people have the confidence to trust the police.”

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