It is estimated that more than 3,700 people died and around 50,000 were maimed and injured during the conflict in Northern Ireland, with each...
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Parades can act as a demonstration of religious faith and community that allow groups to celebrate their tradition and cultural heritage. In Northern Ireland,...
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Segregation and Mixing

The end of the Troubles presented a golden opportunity for the unwinding of divisions and the promotion of greater societal cohesion between Catholics and...
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With the establishment of the state of Northern Ireland, the unionist government under Lord Londonderry attempted to create a singular education system. However, this...
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Cost of Division

“Separate but equal is not an option. Parallel living and the provision of parallel services are unsustainable both morally and economically … the costs...
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Mixed Emotions: A short history of mixed marriage in…

Mixed Emotions: Real Stories of Mixed Marriage by Northern Ireland Mixed Marriage Association February 2012 Chapter 11: A short history of mixed marriage in...
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The 2011 Census reports that over 95% of Northern Ireland’s population use English as their primary language. However, Northern Ireland lays claim to several...
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In western Europe, national flags often represented a territorial area as well as the Christian faith, so that many included a cross. The French...
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According to the CAIN (Conflict Archive in the Internet) website, a peace line or peace wall are “physical barriers between the Protestant/Loyalist community and...
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