Women’s Resource & Development Agency hosted seminar, “Women: Dealing with the Past; Shared Learning Workshop”, Europa Hotel, Belfast. © Allan LEONARD @MrUlster

Peacebuilding is achieved through the deliberate efforts of professionals, volunteers, and ordinary citizens, working in a variety of organisations, community groups, and individual efforts. The following is an abridged list of organisations with community relations and peacebuilding named among their objectives.

Please contact us with any updated information and/or suggestion to be included in this list.

Peacebuilding organisations

  1. Belfast Interface Project
  2. Beyond Skin
  3. Building Communities Resource Centree
  4. Bytes Project
  5. Centre for Democracy and Peace Building
  6. Chinese Welfare Association
  7. Co-operation Ireland
  8. Committee on the Administration of Justice
  9. Community Dialogue
  10. Community Foundation for Northern Ireland
  11. Community Relations Council
  12. Community Relations Forum
  13. Community Relations in Schools
  14. Contemporary Christianity
  15. Corrymeela Community
  16. Cunamh                                                                      
  17. East Belfast Mission
  18. East Belfast Community Development Agency
  19. Forthspring
  20. Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation
  21. Groundwork
  22. Harmony Community Trust
  23. Healing Through Remembering
  24. Holywell Trust
  25. Indian Community Centre
  26. Intercomm
  27. International Fund for Ireland
  28. Irish Association
  29. Irish Network for Nonviolent Action, Training and Education
  30. Irish School of Ecumenics
  31. The Junction
  32. Kabosh
  33. Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education
  34. Northern Ireland Mixed Marriage Association 
  35. Northern Ireland Rural Women’s Network
  36. PeacePlayers International (Northern Ireland)
  37. The Playhouse
  38. Rural Community Network
  39. Springboard Opportunities
  40. St Columb’s Park House
  41. Victims and Survivors Trust
  42. WAVE Trauma Centre
  43. Women’s Resource and Development Agency
  44. Youth Initiatives
  45. Youth Link

Belfast Interface Project

Twitter: @BelfastInterfaces

Belfast Interface Project is a membership organisation which aims to support the development of creative approaches towards the regeneration of Belfast’s interface areas.

Source: YouTube

Beyond Skin

Twitter: @BeyondSkin

Beyond Skin promotes interaction between different cultures throughout communities via creating social change through music, arts, dance and digital media. It was established in 2004 as a response to the rise in racism and sectarianism that had spilled over as a result of the Troubles.

Its work is mostly with communities in Northern Ireland but it also works in partnership with organisations and individuals across the world. It has flagship international projects with Afghanistan, Colombia, Sri Lanka.

Source: YouTube

Building Communities Resource Centre

Twitter: @theBCRC

Building Communities Resource Centre (BCRC) is a charity which supports community and civil organisations, working on projects and programs such as social, health, cultural and economical development to benefit communities in Causeway Coast and Glens Borough and its environs. BCRC ultimately works for social justice, integration, cooperation, shared education, cultural heritage, social affairs, marginalised groups, dialogue, and peace & reconciliation.

Source: YouTube

Bytes Project

Twitter: @bytesproject

Bytes is a project which has been working with vulnerable youths in Northern Ireland for close to three decades. It uses youth work and technology to help those in need transform their lives and give them the confidence and skills they need to help change the world for the better. As part of the EU Social Fund for Northern Ireland, Bytes has helped over 3,000 young people per year overcome barriers by gaining access to digital technologies in promising communities.

Centre for Democracy and Peace Building

Twitter: @CDPB_NI

The Centre for Democracy and Peace Building is to support the Northern Ireland peace process and share its experience with the international community.

Chinese Welfare Association

The mission of the CWA is to secure the future of the Chinese community in Northern Ireland within a framework of racial equality and enable all sections of the community to fully participate in both the development of the community and wider society.

Source: YouTube

Co-operation Ireland

Twitter: Cooperationirl

Co-operation Ireland is a peace-building organisation which encompasses the entirety of the island. It works to build a shared and cohesive society by addressing legacy issues of the conflict and facilitating contact and collaboration between people of different backgrounds across the island(s). Its programs are targeted at young people and marginalised communities which have experienced the worst of the Troubles and their continuing legacy.

Committee on the Administration of Justice

Twitter: CAJNI

Established in 1981, CAJ is an NGO which was brought about as a response to human rights violations during the Troubles in Northern Ireland in the latter half of the 20th century. It was also created to ensure that the protection of human rights was at the heart of ending conflict and building a society based upon the rule of law.

Community Dialogue

Twitter: @CommDialogue

Community Dialogue was formed at the tail-end of the Troubles in order to encourage deeper understanding of the diverse positions on critical issues affecting the present and future of Northern Ireland, and to build an agreed peaceful society shared by its divided peoples.

Community Foundation for Northern Ireland

Twitter: CFNIreland

Community Foundation is an organisation which administers and awards grants to charities through donations set up by its donors. It has awarded over £100m in 40 years of operation to groups throughout Northern Ireland that contribute to education, health, housing, the arts, social justice, employment, and peace & reconciliation.

Community Relations Council

Twitter: NI_CRC

The CRC promotes a peaceful and shared society based on reconciliation and mutual trust. This organisation was established in 1990 with the aim to lead and support change towards reconciliation, tolerance and mutual trust. CRC is funded by/is an Arm’s Length Body of the Executive Office (TEO), and is a catalyst for positive inter-community and inter-cultural community relations work in Northern Ireland.

Source: YouTube

Community Relations Forum (Newtownabbey)

Community Relations Forum is a community and voluntary organisation which is focused on promoting good community relations across/throughout Newtownabbey. They encourage open dialogue, enabling people to have a better understanding of, and respect for each other’s views and opinions.

Community Relations in Schools

Twitter: _CRIS_NI

CRIS is a multi-disciplinary, education charity specifically established to support and promote greater sharing, understanding and reconciliation for all. It works with all ages and backgrounds across both formal and informal settings promoting the unique location and potential of the whole school community to become agents of grassroots peacebuilding.

Source: YouTube

Contemporary Christianity

Twitter: ContempChristian

Contemporary Christianity is the successor to Evangelical Contribution on Northern Ireland (ECONI, 1988–2005) and the Centre for Contemporary Christianity in Ireland (2005–2010). ECONI emerged against the background of our community division and political violence in Northern Ireland, when a group of evangelical Christians argued for a new response. Contemporary Christianity seeks to look honestly at its own community, acknowledging sectarian attitudes and practices, while facing wider change in society. Its vision is to help both Christian people and wider society in Northern Ireland think through many of the contemporary issues that society in Northern Ireland is currently faced with, primarily through the understanding of scripture.

Corrymeela Community

Twitter: Corrymeela

Corrymeela has a residential centre on the north coast of Ireland that hosts over 11,000 people a year, as well as a lived community of volunteers and staff.  Corrymeela also has a dispersed community of over 150 members who commit to living out Corrymeela’s principles of reconciliation in their own communities.  Corrymeela’s programme staff travel to work with school and community groups throughout Northern Ireland, as well as hosting groups on site.

Source: YouTube


Cúnamh was established in 1997 as a community-led mental health project. The organisation emerged from the opportunity created in 1994 as a result of the ceasefire and subsequent political and social developments. Throughout the past 18 years Cúnamh has successfully enhanced the organisation’s capacity to provide specialised psychological services and interventions in response to the emerging needs of victims and survivors, whilst simultaneously maintaining its community-led ethos.

East Belfast Mission

Twitter: ebelfastmission

East Belfast Mission is a charity that is associated with the Methodist Church of Ireland, and has a long history of social engagement in the more social-deprived areas of East Belfast. It works to achieve renewal and community transformation in that community.

East Belfast Community Development Agency

Twitter: @EBCDA

East Belfast Community Development Agency exists to provide resources, support and capacity building programmes for community groups that are based on partnership, equal opportunities and sustainable outcomes. The organisation’s goal is to add value to activity undertaken by groups in local areas and to work with key organisations to ensure the continued development of a community sector in East Belfast that is recognised, valued, and effective.


Established in 1997, Forthspring is an inclusive and innovative organisation based in a shared space at the Springfield/Woodvale interface in Belfast. It seeks to enhance life opportunities and to enable sustained relationships through a varied range of programmes and activities. It facilitates and encourages many groups to use our space, from gardening to tea-dancers and it manages a strong portfolio of projects; including work with local primary schools, youth work and providing economic childcare for families.

Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation

Twitter: GlencreeCentre

The Glencree Centre for Peace & Reconciliation works with individuals and groups to transform conflict, promote reconciliation, encourage healthy relationships and build sustainable peace. Founded in 1974 and based out of County Wicklow, it has played an important role in the Irish Peace Process, bringing together those in conflict for confidential dialogue and helping to build relationships across divides. As well as its ongoing work on the island of Ireland, its perspective and expertise has been shared in other conflict and post-conflict countries around the globe.

Source: YouTube

Groundwork Northern Ireland

Twitter: @GroundworkNI

Groundwork Northern Ireland focuses on delivering environmental improvements in areas of need throughout Northern Ireland. They use local environmental action to engage with and motivate people to improve their quality of life. The organisation works for social, economic and environmental regeneration, creating a base for prosperous, peaceful coexistence. As a constructive alternative to traditional bonfires, which can reach dangerous heights and are built with environmentally harmful materials, Groundwork Northern Ireland designed and created a beacon bonfire kit for community and cultural festivals, including July celebrations and Halloween.

Harmony Community Trust (Glebe House)

Twitter: @glebehouseni

Harmony Community Trust is a cross community organisation founded in 1975 to promote community relations and social inclusion. It delivers community relations, social inclusion and respite programmes on a year round basis.

Healing Through Remembering

Twitter: @HTRinfo

Healing Through Remembering is an independent initiative made up of a diverse membership with different political perspectives working on a common goal of how to deal with the legacy of the past as it relates to the conflict in and about Northern Ireland.

Holywell Trust

Twitter: @HolywellT

The Holywell Trust was formed from the perceived need for an organisation which would encourage risk taking and stimulate creativity in the community sector of the north-west region of Northern Ireland.

Indian Community Centre

ICC Belfast provides support for the city’s Indian community, encourages integration, and develops good relations with the wider communities in Northern Ireland. The centre organises a number of cultural events, celebrations of festivals, talks on Indian values and spirituality, and music & dance performances.


Twitter: @IntercommIE

Intercomm was established in 1995 as a result of growing community concerns about the lack of formal structures to deal with political and sectarian unrest “in the absence of meaningful intercommunity contact”. It seeks to help construct a concrete and viable peace.

International Fund for Ireland

Twitter: @FundforIreland

The International Fund for Ireland was established as an independent organisation by the British and Irish Governments in 1986 with financial contributions from the United States of America, the European Union, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The Fund aims to promote economic and social advancement as well as encourage contact and dialogue between nationalists and unionists throughout Ireland.

Source: YouTube

Irish Association

Twitter: @IrishAssoc

The Irish Association for Cultural, Economic and Social Relations,, through the help of both unionist and nationalist communities, provided contributions to the growth of tolerance, reconciliation, mutual trust, and human rights. It has done so through seminars, interactive dialogues, and conferences. The association aims to act as a mediator between relevant cultural, economic and social issues.

Irish Network for Nonviolent Action, Training and Education

INNATE was established as an all-encompassing organisation for support groups and individuals who have been exploring non-violent approaches to conflict and social change issues.

Irish School of Ecumenics

The Irish School of Ecumenics is a collection of academics and supporters who strive to create an educational environment centred around peace and reconciliation.

The Junction

The Junction serves as a community education and training centre, built around organising peace building initiatives allowing people to connect critically and grow organically in pace with the development of a new civic society in Northern Ireland.  The Junction furthermore seeks to inform and validate its approaches, policy and practice that value people and empower them to live with their differences.


Twitter: @KaboshTheatre

Kabosh is an independent theatre company, which has developed a reputation for both addressing the legacy of conflict and creating quality cultural tourism products, by giving a voice to site, space and people.

Source: YouTube

Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education

Twitter: @niciebelfast

The Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE) was established in 1987 and performs a range of roles in facilitating the development of integrated education in Northern Ireland. Its goal is to achieve a society where children are educated together, confident to express their own identity and culture as well as accepting of and prepared to engage with the identity and culture of others.

Source: YouTube

Northern Ireland Mixed Marriage Association

NIMMA provides country-wide support and information to couples either in or contemplating mixed marriage. NIMMA lobbies for the acceptance of mixed marriage, increased integrated education, and wider availability of shared social housing. NIMMA strives for further changes to baptismal restrictions imposed by all the major denominations, for eucharistic sharing for interchurch couples, true reconciliation, and a shared future for all.

Northern Ireland Rural Women’s Network

Twitter: @nirwnnews

Northern Ireland Rural Women’s Network (NIRWN) was established in September 2006 to promote and support rural women in rural Northern Ireland. Its mission is to advance the participation and recognition of rural women, and its work includes rural women and peacebuilding.

PeacePlayers International (Northern Ireland)

Twitter: @peaceplayersni

The mission of PeacePlayers is to use sport, and in particular basketball, to create opportunities for young leaders to promote respect and mutual understanding between the historically divided community of Northern Ireland.

Source: YouTube

The Playhouse

Twitter: @PlayhouseDerry

Established in 1992, the Playhouse creates community, celebrates diversity and empowers people through the arts. It uses the arts to promote healing, understanding, reconciliation, and transformation between people and communities in or emerging from conflict.

Source: YouTube

Rural Community Network

Twitter: @ruralcommnet

Rural Community Network is a regional voluntary membership based organisation supporting rural communities across Northern Ireland. RCN works with rural communities to address issues relating to poverty, inequality, community, and good relations and strives to develop the capacity and skills of groups to articulate their voice at a policy influence level.

Springboard Opportunities

Twitter: @springboardopp

Established in1992, Springboard’s work includes being committed to increasing mutual understanding within and across different groups and building a shared future, as well as encouraging active civic engagement and participation to promote a sense of belonging and community cohesion.

Source: YouTube

St Columb’s Park House

St Columb’s Park House opened as a peace and reconciliation centre in 1994, offering a shared space for learning, leadership, and peaceful activism. Its mission is to be the heart of the park, helping to nurture peaceful, vibrant, and compassionate communities.

Victims and Survivors Trust

Victims and Survivors Trust (VAST) is a charitable organisation, established in 1998. Its mission is to assist and support those individuals and families adversely affected by the conflict. It delivers a variety of programmes within a safe environment enabling remembrance and reconnection. It aims to support individuals and families looking for truth recovery in the hope that it can assist them in their transition from victim to survivor.

WAVE Trauma Centre

Twitter: @WAVETrauma

WAVE is the largest cross-community victims’ group in Northern Ireland. It has centres in Belfast, Armagh, Derry/Londonderry, Omagh, and Ballymoney. Its services include advocacy and casework, complementary therapy, counselling and psychotherapy, outreach support, welfare support, welfare advice, and health and wellbeing.

Women’s Resource and Development Agency

Twitter: @WRDA_team

WRDA works regionally to advance women’s equality and participation in society. Its values include the beliefs that women’s rights are central and implicit in the pursuit of human rights for all and that women face particular challenges as part of a society emerging from a conflict situation.

Source: YouTube

Youth Initiatives

Twitter: @YINI_91

Youth Initiatives aims to awaken hope, inspire initiative, and mobilise youth to make a vital contribution to their community and to a shared future in Northern Ireland. Its values include addressing social disadvantages, professionalism, equality, and inclusion.

Twitter: @YouthLinkNI

Established in 1991, Youth Link NI is the inter-church youth service for Northern Ireland and exists to provide support & training for youth workers and community relations experiences for young people.

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